The Qwiery.js client library is a wrapper of the Qwiery API which eases the development of HTML apps. For example, if you wish to access the semantic network (a Graph database really) you can use things like this:

var product = {
        UnitPrice: 1230,
        UnitsInStock: 95,
        Discontinued: false,
        Type: "Product",
        Title: "Dental H34",
        "Id": Qwiery.guid(),
        $typekey: "Product"
        .then(function(id) {
            console.log("New entity added: " + id);
            // get it
            $.when(Qwiery.getEntity(id)).then(function(data) {
                data.Title = newTitle;
                // update it
                $.when(Qwiery.upsertEntity(data)).then(function(id) {
                    // get it again
                    $.when(Qwiery.getEntity(id)).then(function(newdata) {

The default Qwiery client is based on ReactJS so if you want to create a custom HTML app there over fifty React component to get you started. The default client and all the component are included in the source code so you can explore at the same time how to wire up a full-fledged client.