Qwiery Template Language

When the Qwiery messaging pipeline has found one or more answers matching a request it processes a template which contains the answer. The answer is usually not just a simple line of text but can be any combination of the following:

  • requests to fetch data stored in the knowledge graphs; personal data entities, publicly available networks of information, appointment items and so on
  • requests to fetch data from document-like data sources; pdf’s, spreadsheets and such
  • requests to fetch data from external services; CRM system, Wikipedia, translation services etc
  • requests to fetch personalization info and contextual data; geographic info of the user, supplied personal info, deduced preferences and such
  • scores and implicit computations related to the emotional state and psychological profile of the user (and Qwiery as well)
  • one or more state-machines which simulate a conversation around the current topic
  • fetching the history of the user related to the current topic of the interests of the user
  • machine-learning data helping to decide how to evaluate potential answers and predictions of how the user will react
  • how free parameters need to be handled
  • linguistic information to deal with variations and ways of saying things
  • context which sets parameters and new information to be used in future requests
  • custom processing related to the business context or embedding

All of this is packaged into XML and is called the Qwiery Template Language (QTL). It can be seen as declarative programs or recipes for extracting information and formulating asnwers.

Because QTL is both XML and code it can be manipulated like codons and the collection of QTL as a genetic pool leading to phenotypical results, the answers send back to the user. The interaction between context, user and QTL thus reflects the biological picture of environment, phenotype and genes. The QTL templates are effectively being mutated and crossed to generate new (often surprising) results. The parametrization of Qwiery allows one to tune how often or how excentric all of this occurs.